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At Blumberg Segal LLP we have dealt with numerous Product Defect and Product Liability issues in Canada and around the world.

We have broad experience in representing manufacturers of allegedly defective designed or manufactured products as well as the individuals or corporations that have been adversely affected by these defective products. If you are a manufacturer with a product liability case commenced against you, please see our "For Manufacturers" section.

We provide manufacturers, distributors, and others within operations in Canada with preventative advice in order to avoid litigation. A poorly handled product liability case resulting in a successful judgment against a corporation can make a business the target of further claims. We have provided counsel to clients who feel that the insurance defence they are receiving is not adequate and could expose the corporation to excess liability or other consequences. We work closely with corporate defendants in understanding the sometimes complicated practical, scientific, and technical information in order to mount the best defence. If you are a distributor of a product that has resulted in a product liability case against you as the distributor, please see our "For Distributors" section.

Blumberg Segal LLP also has the experience and understanding of product liability to commence an action against the designers and manufacturers of defective products ranging from small household products to huge permanently installed, equipment. If you are a consumer with a product liability inquiry, please see our "For Consumers & Customers" section.

Our Product Liability Group has the experience and the background to understand the technical aspects of product liability cases whether you are the manufacturer or the adversely affected party.  If you have a product liability inquiry, please contact or call 416-316-1982.