Legal compliance and risk management is not only about the CEO of an organization "knowing" the right answer but educating the boards, staff and volunteers of charities to manage compliance issues.

Blumbergs offers customized presentations for charities, non-profits and philanthropists dealing with legal, ethical and practical issues affecting non‑profits and philanthropy.

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In addition to customized presentations Blumbergs offers approximately 40 different presentations and maintains a number of popular online courses on non‑profit and charity issues.

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Maximize your donations: Three pillars to improve internal payment processes

August 23, 2022 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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Ritual and Retention: Shaping the Future of Work in the Non-Profit Sector

September 13, 2022 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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Online Courses

Online courses are never going to be the same as in-person courses but for many, they are far easier to access, more convenient, and available 24/7 exactly when needed.

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Presentations include:

  • Blumbergs’ Charity Law Boot Camp
  • Top 20 Charity Law Issues for Canadian Registered Charities
  • Governance Primer for Charity Boards – Compliance, Standards, and Risk Management
  • Should We Create a Canadian Registered Charity?
  • What is Charity: The Definition of Charity and How it Affects Charity in Canada
  • New Corporate Acts: ONCA and CNCA
  • Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act (ONCA)
  • Donor advised funds (DAFs) in Canada
  • Growing up and becoming Canadian – Ontario (OCA) to Federal (CNCA) continuance and select CRA issues with continuance
  • Overview of the Regulatory Environment in Canada for Registered Charities – A Comparison with other countries.
  • Transparency and Canadian charities – the T3010 and beyond
  • Charitable Receipting – The Do’s and Don’ts
  • Gifts In Kind Donations: Fair market value or the highest price
  • Top Receipting Mistakes for Canadian Registered Charities
  • Misuse of Receipting: Abusive Gifting Tax Shelter Schemes and Fraudulent Receipting
  • CRA’s Fundraising Guidance: Legal and Ethical Issues with fundraising by Canadian registered charities
  • Fundraising and Media coverage in Canada: A basic introduction to what works and does not work when discussing fundraising and media
  • Fundraising From Canada by Foreign Charities
  • Overcome Operational and Legal Challenges to Endowment Management
  • The Dangers of Restricted Gifts
  • Social Enterprise, Earned Income and Business Activities of Canadian Registered Charities: from hype and confusion to impact and revenue
  • Structuring for Impact – Finding the Right Form for your Social Enterprise
  • Political Activities and Canadian Charities: The rules and recent developments
  • Fundraising for Political Activities
  • Audit by Charities Directorate of Canadian Registered Charities
  • Successfully Funding First Nations Communities in Canada in Compliance with CRA Guidance
  • Foreign Activities by Canadian Charities
  • Responding to Major International Disasters
  • Avoiding extreme misuse of charitable assets: Fraud, Money Laundering and Terrorism
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Philanthropy: From Donations to Foundations to Engagement
  • You don’t need to be rich to be a philanthropist: Making an impact with your charitable giving
  • Planned Giving, Philanthropy and the High Net Worth Client
  • Professional Advisors and Philanthropy: Helping clients give to good causes
  • Planned Giving Overview
  • Encouraging Bequests While Avoiding Legal and Ethical Concerns
  • Non-Profits and Profit: NPOs and Commercial Activities
  • Risk Management for Canadian Charities
  • Ethical Decision-Making in the Not-For-Profit Sector: The Board’s Role
  • Social Media and Charity Compliance
  • Uncertain Funding in Difficult Times
  • Certification and Self-Regulation: Raising the Bar and Reaping the Benefits
  • Collaboration, Cooperation and Merger in the Canadian Charitable Sector

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