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Blumberg Segal LLP has helped clients navigate the Litigation, Court, and Administrative Tribunal process in many areas including:

When all efforts to resolve a dispute by negotiation or mediation have been unsuccessful, the parties are compelled to either capitulate or litigate. In most instances, however, the parties generally have no option other than to resort to litigation to right a wrong or to seek redress for damage suffered.

Blumberg Segal LLP possesses significant experience in handling all aspects of the litigation process, from the initial demand letter to the final disposition of the matter.

Our clients gain from our vast experience from the first consultation when different options are explored. Only after careful assessment of the potential risks, benefits, and costs of a particular strategy, do we offer advice and assist our clients with their needs in a cost-effective manner.

You are not only informed of progress at each stage of the litigation but are also consulted before the next stage of action is adopted. While we generally litigate matters from beginning to end, we often are called upon to assume carriage of matters where a new or unique approach to pending litigation is called for or where a matter is required to be taken on appeal to the Appellate Court, like the Divisional Court of Ontario or the Ontario Court of Appeal.

If you have a concern with a matter involving litigation and dispute resolution please contact our litigation team at or 416.361.1982.