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At Blumberg Segal LLP we act for both the employees / terminated employees and employers when dealing with wrongful dismissal matters.

The loss of a job is emotionally devastating for most people. If you've just been dismissed from your employment, for any reason, in many cases you may have more rights than you think. Many employers offer dismissed employees payment in lieu of notice in accordance with the Employment Standards Act in Ontario.  To properly protect your rights in employment, however, you need competent legal counsel well versed in the ever-changing nuances of employment law. Lawyers at Blumberg Segal LLP have handled dozens of wrongful dismissal cases and can help you achieve the best possible resolution of your wrongful dismissal case in a cost-effective manner. 

If you have been terminated from your job or if you have any employment related concern that is effecting your ability to perform your job properly, please contact our Employment Law Group at or call 416-361-1982.

Blumberg Segal LLP also acts for employers who are interested in understanding their legal obligations when hiring an employee and ensuring that the employment agreement is legal and binding, as well as in minimizing risks and damages when dealing with an employee on termination.

Whether it is properly drafting an Employment Agreement or properly complying with the legal requirements in terminating an employee, please contact our Employment Law Group at or call 416-361-1982.