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Blumberg Segal LLP acts for employers who are interested in understanding their legal obligations when hiring and disciplining employees, as well as in minimizing employer risks and potential damages when dealing with an employee on termination.

Often a short consultation with an employment lawyer can result in saving thousands of dollars with a wrongful termination that is inconsistent with the Employment Standards Act or the common law. The lawyers at Blumberg Segal LLP can assist in preparing Employment Agreements and Termination / Severance Packages for Employers.

Additionally, the lawyers at Blumberg Segal LLP are very experienced in defending Wrongful Termination civil claims initiated by terminated employees and can assist you in the most cost-effective manner to achieve a resolution of the claim, resulting in the lowest possible legal exposure.

Whether it is properly drafting an Employment Agreement, or properly complying with the legal requirements in terminating an employee, please contact our Employment Law Group at or call 416-361-1982.