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Estate Litigation has become far more frequent in Ontario. Some of the most common situations that result in litigation include, but are not limited to: siblings not being treated equally in a Will, large complex estates, the disposition of sentimental properties such as cottages, dramatic changes in a testator's Will, inadequate provision for dependents, testator's not having testamentary capacity, poorly chosen executors, and situations involving a second spouse in conflict with children of a first marriage.

If the death of a testator is a spark then a poorly drafted Will or ill-conceived estate plan is often the kindling that will promote and sustain animosity and Estate Litigation.  At Blumberg Segal LLP we have helped many executors and beneficiaries, including residual beneficiaires like Charity and Non-Profit beneficiaries negotiate, mediate, and resolve complicated and highly charged estate matters, and where all else fails, advocating for the best interests of our client through litigation. 

If you are involved in an Estate dispute, please contact or call 416-361-1982 to discuss your options and the legal requirements. 

Blumberg Segal LLP also has the experience to assist you in properly drafting your Last Will and Testament and properly plan your estate to avoid litigation and ensure that your wishes are properly administered.  Blumberg Segal LLP can provide guidance and assistance to help ensure that your Will is properly and legally drafted and that your wishes are properly administered.