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If you would like a consultation on legal issues affecting non-profits and charities, please contact Mark Blumberg at or you can use the form.  Please include all your contact information.   

Typically an initial consultation will take 1 hour with a fee between $250.00 - $500.00 (plus tax), depending on the complexity of your matter and/or which lawyer(s) you will be meeting with. 

If we can take on your matter and you decide to retain our law firm after your initial consultation, our legal fees are generally determined on an hourly rate basis and you will be charged on the basis of time spent at the hourly rate applicable to the lawyer or law clerk working on it.  

Please remember that e-mail communication is not confidential and if you want to discuss any confidential matters then please do so in person or by telephone. As well, sending an e-mail through this site or otherwise does not create a solicitor-client retainer.