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Blumberg Segal LLP maintains (TM), a website aimed primarily at assisting Canadian individuals, non-profits, and charities that are conducting, or interested in conducting, foreign activities including international development, humanitarian assistance, and education. The website focuses on Canadian legal, ethical, and practical issues in international philanthropy.

Canadian Charities and Foreign Activities

Here are some resources that you might find helpful:

For a list of organizations operating in different countries see 

For an article describing in detail the rules for Canadian charities operating abroad see Canadian Charities Conducting International Activities.  Also here is CRA's guidance on foreign activities.

For a sample agreement for a small international project of a Canadian charity, you might find this article "Sample Contractor Agreement for a Canadian Registered Charity Carrying Out Foreign Activities" interesting.

Here is a directory of resources on international philanthropy.  

Blumberg Segal LLP can assist Canadian charities who are conducting or interested in conducting programs outside of Canada with some of the legal issues that they may face. Contact us if you wish to retain our services.