As a registered charity in Canada there are specific and sometimes unique compliance requirements and stakeholder expectations that you face.

Legal issues that charities face include:

Charity Risk Review

Although we assist charities before, during, and after audits, most of the work in maintaining charitable status is done by organizations preemptively tackling issues who are not being audited. It is also less stressful and more cost effective to deal with the issues before you are being investigated by the media or CRA.

External risk reviews by our firm can provide charities with an opportunity to assess whether their operations are compliant with the current legal requirements, to minimize risk and to incrementally improve their operations before a donor, the media or the Charities Directorate expresses concern.

CRA Charity Audits

The Charities Directorate of the Canada Revenue Agency audits approximately 800 registered charities every year.  For some charities having legal counsel during the process can be helpful.